Super-Hot Summer Breast Cancer Fashion Debut

As we continue along our retro journey, here is today’s 80’S CANCER JAM:


As promised, I am rolling out for you, my miniscule yet faithful following, the first of my new summer breast cancer looks.This debut outfit is something that I like to wear on weekends after my morning coffee. Just last weekend, as a matter of fact, I wore this out on my deck to catch a few rays amidst the relentless series of monsoons we’ve been enjoying of late. Pay particular attention to the hat, which was a last minute inspiration. I realized after I had settled comfortably in my lawn chair that the top of my head was uncovered, which is a big no no when you only have 6.5 pieces of hair up there. So I dashed back in the house looking for anything I could grab in a hurry and fashion into a hat. This is actually my 5 year-old daughter’s t-shirt, but I think it looks tres chic, don’t you? Of course, the central theme here is the clever use of mismatched prints and colors, carefully paired to blow your mind. I’m not making this stuff up; I actually wore this.


I know you’re getting a little jealous now, and thinking that my husband is a pretty lucky guy, but don’t worry. For the ladies, these looks will be in stores as soon as I can get someone to return my calls. For the guys, you can keep this picture to show the women in your lives what the definition of “sexy” is.

P.S. Jazz hands are optional