Summer Lovin’ Take Two


Ahhh summer, how I love you. I pine for you on cold, dreary December days. I rejoice upon your return and bask in your embrace, unashamed. But your flirtation is brief and intense, like a butterfly landing momentarily on a bloom. Soon you will depart once again, and I will cling to your memory, as it is all that you have left me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room



This room represents so many things to me in a strange way. It was taken in March of 2013 in the Rotunda at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. I was having a grand time exploring the campus and the city during a brief business trip. Just a short week later, my life would change forever.

In the Winter of 2013, I had just taken a new part time job teaching laboratory procedures to nurses. The job would allow me to travel across the country and visit large medical centers. Free airfare, free meals, and great pay. It seemed like an exciting new adventure. This particular trip was only my second, the first being to Nashville, Tennessee. When I arrived at the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to find my room overlooking a lovely pond inhabited by a pair of swans. A paved jogging trail meandered around the water and adjacent university buildings.

I only taught for a few hours during the day, so I either had mornings or afternoons to myself. The city of Charlottesville reminded me a lot of Asheville in some ways, yet it was steeped in a rich history that was palpable walking down the cobblestone streets where Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries once stood. I thoroughly enjoyed the small shops and quaint hole-in-the wall restaurants nestled among venerable brick buildings and proud monuments. It was so nice to get away from everyday responsibilities, if only for a brief moment

Before the sun went down each day, I would try to get in a run. The path was very steep in spots, and I noticed that my endurance was flagging as I struggled to reach 3 miles. I chalked it up to needing more hill work, but in the back of my mind, it bothered me. After all, I had finished a half marathon only 4 months before with little trouble. Shouldn’t my endurance be improving?

After 3 wonderful days, I left for home feeling accomplished and rested. I had navigated a huge, unfamiliar medical center and done a really good job teaching. I had enjoyed the city so much that I planned to come back with my family and spend more time, including a visit to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

As it turned out, that would be my second and last trip. A week later I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and had to give up that job to go through treatment. It’s bittersweet when I look at the pictures now. I remember exactly what I was doing, what I was thinking. I remember how excited I was to embark on a new adventure once I finally made the difficult decision that I needed some time for me and that my kids would live if I left them with their father once per month. It wasn’t to be.

Funny, but situations like this always remind me of a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time, Out of Africa. There is a particularly pulse-pounding scene where Meryl Streep is nearly attacked by a lion while crossing the savannah with wagons and oxen looking for her philandering husband, who has been away for weeks on safari. Her servant Farah turns to her and says, “God is happy m’sabu…he plays with us.”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story



I took this picture at the North Carolina Arboretum. I thought it was a very pretty water feature, but I was pleasantly surprised with the result. The flow seemed to be frozen for a “split second”, the water actually separating and forming holes that weren’t visible to the naked eye.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist 2





Here’s an idea for those out-of-work surgeons in a tough economy. What a concept! One truck does it all. No hauling jobs today? No problem! The bed of the truck converts to a mini operating theater for vasectomies on the fly. (Ha Ha, get it? On the fly!) I saw this truck the other day at a downtown garden festival. ???

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


I seriously debated using this photograph, and one day my daughter will kill me. But, imagine my surprise when I walked in the bathroom to see my 2 1/2 year-old princess on her cushioned Dora potty seat reading about steering conversions for a monster jeep. Her Dad was so proud!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move


God sent me an angel,

with wobbly legs for wings.

To heal a cruel and gaping wound

that Fate was soon to bring.

With every toothless smile

and every soggy kiss,

You wove our souls together,

and taught my heart new bliss.

Now it’s time to find your feet;

each step feels like a mile.

You look back for reassurance;

I put on my bravest smile.

Keep trying little angel,

with determination strong.

I will be your savior,

As you’ve been mine all along.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!






Tentative, I poke my head out of my cave,

hoping with familiar desperation

to feel the warm caress of sunshine on my cheek.

The light hurts my eyes

after months of brutal hibernation.

But as I turn my face toward the sky

to greet the Spring,

I know that my soul will be healed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters- The Final Frontier

Well, we’ve come to the end of the challenge. Where did I end up on my vacation? No, it wasn’t the most glamorous or distant locale imaginable, but it is one of my most favorite places, and home to the #1 beach in the USA, Siesta Key.  I just can’t seem to get enough; this is my second trip to the same spot since the beginning of the year. Have a look.

All of this week’s photos were taken on a single day in downtown Sarasota, Florida.