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Hi! Welcome to my world. I am a 46 year-old mom of three ranging from 5 to 20.  So basically, I’ve got a whining hyperactive pre-schooler, a whining teenager with the dumbest parents ever, and a college student who’s bleeding me dry, but hey, he doesn’t whine at all! But I love them dearly, and I pity the poor soul whose home is a neat and silent refuge. Okay, sometimes I’m really jealous of those people, but it’s always temporary, nothing a glass of wine and a good meal with grownups can’t solve.

I am a lab tech, a chiropractor and sometimes a teacher. So am I accomplished or confused? A little of both, I suppose. I am a Piscean dreamer with one eye always open to the wondrous possibilities of life. I refuse to be pigeonholed into one category because I’m secretly afraid that a door would shut somewhere and I would be trapped, my dreams placed forever out of reach. So I keep a hand in many interests, an eternal student, and this drives my poor practical husband insane.

My latest interest is running, which I took up about 3 years ago in an effort to lose weight and get in better shape. I lost about 35 pounds in the process and ran a few 5k’s those first 2 years. I am on a continual quest to challenge myself, so I thought “Who needs to do a 10k? We’ll just go right on to the half marathon. How hard could it be?”  So, last year, I set my sites on a lovely November race in sunny St. Petersburg, Fl. Now, I live near Asheville, NC, so why race in Fl? It’s FLAT, my friend. I may like a good challenge, but I’m not stupid. 13 flat miles beats 13 miles up and down mountains any day! I trained for about 4 months, and I did it. It was a proud moment. I didn’t finish with blazing speed or earn a spot on the medals podium, but I beat my training pace by more than 30 seconds per mile and I was thrilled.

This year, the big plan was to start training for the Disney marathon. Disney is one of my favorite places on earth. It just makes my heart happy and carefree like a kid. There was only one glitch. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 20, 2013. Needless to say, my marathon plans are on hold for now. I am still in shock but learning how to deal with this a little better every day. I am even still running, just shorter distances with more rest days in between.

My goal in writing this blog is twofold. First, I must admit that it is somewhat selfish. Writing is very cathartic. By getting my feelings out on the page, I save my family from talking so much about the minutiae of every cancer study I pore over every day. But I’m also really hoping to help someone out there in a similar situation. It is a lonely thing, at least in my neck of the woods, to be premenopausal with breast cancer. I am like 50 years younger than anyone else in the oncologist’s office. So I’ll give you all the ups and downs and gory details of this, my longest and toughest race yet.



21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Really enjoying your writing! You are a funny girl. I too have used my optimism and sense of humor to carry on through this cancer thing. Check out the blog, Pass Me Another Cupcake, The writer is a 28 year old girl with breast cancer who writes with wit and sarcasm.
    I think you’ll like her:) Kathy

  2. Thanks for finding my blog and I’m so glad that you led me to yours. The cancer diagnosis is like being hit by a truck, then the treatment is like having the truck run backwards and forwards over us for a few months… I was the youngest in the chemo unit too by a country mile so I decided to make them all as happy as I could every time I went there (even when I felt pretty rough). Th treatment seems to go on forever… but then it stops and you get your life back. Sure things will have changed but its still your life and you are free to do what you want with it. Like some of the other people who’ve commented, I’ve chosen optimism, humour, a touch of sarcasm and renewed passion in all the things I never had time for before because I was doing things that were, to be honest, less important but more all-consuming. Now I’m happy for every day, even rainy ones and although I still think about cancer, its not my only thought. I hope that time comes for you too in the not too distant future.

    • Beautifully said, Tracy. I love the analogy about the truck running back and forth over us! I can’t think of a better visual. I’m working on dumping the all-consuming but unimportant stuff and living life with more passion. We get so stuck in a rut, don’t we?

  3. Hello, just read through your posts and am in love with your writing, your approach, and your ability to find the humor in things. Thanks for the smiles. And it’s so refreshing to find someone else who is doing alternative treatments, questioning their doctors, and charting their own path. Looking forward to more posts!
    Cheers! – Terri (aka: graceful woman warrior)

    • Thanks so much, Terri! I’m glad you enjoyed my writing. I’ve been following you for a while and thinking “I love this girl!” The doctors sure don’t know how to handle us, do they? How dare we question the status quo! I’ve been reading a book today from Suzanne Somers called “Knockout”. I had to put it down because it was making me mad as hell. But her ideas about alternative treatments and the interviews with forward-thinking doctors are fascinating.

      • I read that Suzanne Somers book & also found it fascinating! I marked so many pages in there to research further & have tried contacting some of the doctors she interviewed. Great read!

  4. Good luck with this marathon! I very much admire your approach and I’ll be following you. I’m a norwegian nurse working in a university clinic in Germany and I find it very helpful to watch the medical treatments from the other side.
    Best regards

  5. Through your blog, I will follow your “longest race” with prayer and words of encouragement. Five years ago, I journeyed down the “chemo” and “radiation” path. To date there has been “no evidence of cancer.” Hugs!

  6. The moment you plopped yourself down next to me at Roxanne’s house and said, “Hi! You’re gettin’ kinda loud–who are you?” I knew I liked you! You are a cool person and I look forward to getting to know you better! See you around!

  7. My heart goes for you and the struggle battling the cancer. It will never be easy for anyone, and also people who close to you. I had tumor on my head (the roots almost reaching inside to my brain) when I was 12 years old, it took several surgeries before it was finally removed. Despite the fact that I was very young back then, the memories of my parents frustration, hospital visits and surgeries still present until now. I kept these memories because the supports from my parents, best friends and the doctors have helped me to stay alive free from tumor. I hope through your writings, you will find the supports you need. My best wishes for your recovery.

  8. You sound like a fighter and you must be one too. I’m flabbergasted when I learnt about your cancer and can only pray the hero in you will pull through everything you are put into.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and as for the hope that your kids would remember you the way I do my mom well, I don’t think you never ever have to worry about that because if a stranger like me could feel you’re an awesome person, I’m pretty sure your kids are head over heels with their awesome mom!

    I wish you beautiful and happy days ahead, no matter the struggles.


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