Cancer Schmancer: Here’s To Completely Shaking Up 2015!

It’s been a while since I last posted. I guess I had run out of things to say…same old, same old. “I’m trying to find my purpose after my breast cancer diagnosis.” “I can’t seem to shake this funk.” “My hormones are kicking my ass.” I got tired of listening to myself. Then, something came over me….

None of this is ever going to change if you wake up each morning with the same mindset and continue doing what you’ve always done. Not exactly a revelation, but so many times we hear things over and over, and one day they just  click.

So…I’ve decided that enough time in my life has been wasted on regret and negativity. I’ve embarked on a total life overhaul. How?

I’m not sure where or when it happened exactly, but I started reading motivational books, listening to positive affirmations, and generally trying to surround myself with positive influences in the virtual world. I started taking yoga classes, which I find deeply relaxing for the rest of the day. Got stress? Take yoga!

I got myself a business coach because I decided that I have something to offer other people, even if I haven’t completely refined my niche just yet. I know that it will involve holistic health care for women with a specialty in holistic cancer care during treatment and beyond. That one decision to get a coach has profoundly changed my mindset. He is an acupuncturist with a degree in Eastern philosophy. He is incredibly inspiring, not “salesy” and “sleazy”.

Most recently, I came across a phenomenal young man named Hal Elrod who is a life coach and extremely successful motivational speaker. He had a high-paying sales job at 20 years old when he was struck head on at 70 mph by a drunk driver going the wrong way down the interstate. He had to be cut out of the car and was clinically dead for 6 minutes before paramedics could revive him and airlift him to the hospital.

Take a peek at Hal speaking in the video below. You don’t have to watch the whole thing…but I bet you won’t be able to stop.

Told he would probably never walk again and had suffered permanent brain damage, he chose to accept whatever would come without self-pity. He told his father that he either would walk again or “be the happiest guy you know in a wheelchair”.

He did walk again, through sheer determination. He went back to his sales career and shattered his previous records. Eventually, he wrote a book that would become one of the highest rated in Amazon history, at age 32!

The name of that book is “The Miracle Morning”, and I just started reading it. So far, it has been full of great advice and inspiration. The book talks about how all highly successful people wake up early and have a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day. The book spells out 6 points of that routine in detail, all of which take no more than an hour.

Not being a morning person, at all, I’m a little nervous about getting up an hour earlier, but the book has hundreds of testimonials on Amazon about how it has changed lives. I’m really excited to try it. I’m going to finish it this weekend and start on Monday.

The book talks about having an Accountability Partner for the “30 day Life Transformation Challenge”, so if any of you want to do it along with me, let me know. There is a website where you can get some great free stuff and get a feel for the philosophy. You do have to give an e-mail address, just a heads up. No…I don’t work for this guy:)

I know that there may still be ups and downs in my recovery, but I finally feel like I’m on the right path and learning how to enjoy the journey. Happy New Year, my friends!

10 thoughts on “Cancer Schmancer: Here’s To Completely Shaking Up 2015!

  1. Oh, it’s good to hear from you! I was starting to get worried:). I’m glad it’s all been about you getting to a good place. Applause, applause on all of your decisions. And I’m on a gratitude kick. Trying to get positive and stay positive. Wish me luck!

  2. Great to hear from you!!! Love the energy in this post! I’m excited for you! We’ve always been so parallel on so many things, I think it’s funny. I’ve been reading (and listening via audio book) Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer… doing the positive affirmation thing. I even have my happiness jar on the table for the whole family. 🙂 AND I’m excited to be starting a beginner yoga class next month. I’ve always wanted to do yoga… I just know it’s for me. As for the getting up an hour earlier… I think I’ll pass on that one! Good luck!

    • That’s funny you say this….I’ve got myself a Louise Hay daily affirmations calendar and just today placed it near the electric kettle in the kitchen, so the whole family can’t miss reading whatever the affirmation / piece of wisdom is for the day. I attended a Hay House Writers Workshop in Sydney in September – so many things I learnt about at that, and ideas I want to put into place in 2015. Have fun with the yoga.

  3. We are such kindred spirits! I have been traveling along a similar journey; I am not there yet, but have taken action to ensure 2015 is a positive and fulfilling year, given all that has gone on over the past 2 years. While away on summer vacation over the past 2 weeks, I paid to sign up and complete Michael Hyatt’s “5 days to your best year ever” online 5-day course. It’s all about acknowledging and reviewing 2014, defining what your 7 – 10 goals are for 2015, and setting about achieving them. I thought it might be a bit lame, but it has been incredibly helpful and has set me on my way. One of my goals, which I think is actually my biggest challenge, is to spend at least 20 minutes a day practising mindfulness / stillness / meditation. I really think this will have the biggest impact if I can start the day with this, but I am so not a morning person and I’m always running late to get kids organised and to get to work! I could try for the evenings, but that’s the time I feel I’m best to blog and write and plan etc. I need to fit in at least 20 minutes of exercise each day, but I think that will be best placed to happen at lunchtime at work and will be a good excuse for me to leave my desk and the building and go for a brisk walk. So, I think the mindfulness / meditation is best in the morning, and will set the day off right. I hadn’t heard of Hal Elrod, but have now watched the video and will download his book “The Miracle Morning” – it seems like just what I might need to help me with the mornings and starting my day right. Thank you for posting this. I have surrounded myself with positive people and affirmations, ramped up the whole food / super foods family diet. It’s funny, my goals didn’t end up being the sorts of goals I thought they would be – only one of the 8 goals relates to work and the rest are more well-being, family, achieving dreams sort of goals. I’m aiming for a complete overhaul 🙂 I’d be happy to be your Accountability Partner, but haven’t read the book yet. I will also be looking for such a person – that’s one of the things recommended by the Michael Hyatt course. Will get on and download the book now!
    Best wishes to you and Happy New Year.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. I really feel like it might be life-changing for me. We are kindred spirits:) I believe there’s a kind of post-traumatic stress response that happens after a serious diagnosis and treatment. Then, you either wallow in self-pity or…you ask yourself how to find the lesson in it and make the rest of your life extraordinary. I’m choosing the latter. So glad you’ll be my partner on that journey!

      P.S. I am not…at early morning person, and I run late for absolutely everything. But I think life would be better if I work on those things:)

      • Was wondering how it’s going? I finished the book a few days ago and have been setting things in place to give it a go. Tomorrow we’re cleaning out the study of all its clutter, so that I have somewhere quiet to hide in the mornings. 🙂 I really enjoyed the book, although some of the repetition annoyed me a little – if I looked past that to the content, it was excellent. One thing in particular struck a chord with me – when he talked about not leaving his job because he didn’t feel like he’d reached his full potential there. It made me realise that I have no-where near reached my full potential at the institute where I work – I have so many opportunities and resources and I’m just sitting back coasting by. The book ties in unbelievably well to the Michael Hyatt course I did. i have my goals and motivations and action plan for this year well-thought out for 2015. By following the S.A.V.E.R.S each morning I will be able to action quite a few of the things that are my goals! So I’m going to give it a try too. Even though I’m not doing it yet, I’ve found myself waking up earlier and itching to get into it. I’m just finishing my summer vacation, with no work pressure of getting out of bed etc but will be back into full-on work next week. I really like his thoughts about setting the intentions for how you will feel upon waking, before you go to sleep for the night. My email address is if you’d like to keep in touch more privately.
        Hope it’s going well. Ngaire

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