Step Into My Cave…

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. It seems like the warm summer days are flying by in a blur of activity, one melting into the next. I’m surprised each night to find that I’ve barely had time to sit down before bedtime rolls around. And I’ve been working more, somehow, instead of less. Things on that front are very stressful and insanely busy due to staff shortages.

On a happier note, I have managed to squeeze in some scenic and interesting family day trips. The photos you see were taken at Linville Caverns, which is inside a mountain about 2 hours northeast of Asheville, NC. These are a few of the formations that have been created by water pressure over eons. The colors are the product of various minerals and semi-precious gems.

The caverns actually have 3 levels, but the public is only allowed to tour a small portion that has been stabilized. There is a “bottomless pool” that runs beneath the structure. Apparently, scientists have tried to measure it’s depth on several occasions using various tools, but they have yet to find the bottom. A nifty part of the tour involves having visitors wiggle their fingers in front of their eyes and then turning off all the lights. This is said to be one of only two places where one can experience the complete absence of light, the other being the bottom of the ocean.

I think they were mistaken, however. The third place would be a hospital lab:)




4 thoughts on “Step Into My Cave…

  1. The friends I am visiting in Charlotte have decided that we should all go visit Asheville when we are in NC! They have never been and want to visit before they move to Georgia. Looking probably like Wednesday or Thursday (August 6 or 7)… Still need to confirm. So hoping there is an opportunity to meet you in person!

    • That’s awesome! Of course I want to meet you. If you could try to make it Weds, I’m usually off that day. I was thinking about you the other day when I was looking at vegan restaurants in Asheville. We have a bunch. Did you tell me you have been here before?

  2. The caves are amazing, I’m glad you’ve managed to get some family time. Your work sounds as mad as mine, and for the same reasons. I’m hoping the rest of summer brings change for the better and we both have a more manageable load in future.

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