If You Unfollow Me…I’ll Unfollow You

2014-05-03 14.17.53

I was casually perusing my stats page today, and I noticed that I have been unfollowed. Yes, I have few enough followers that I notice these things…so. This has happened a few times in my fledgling blogging career, and I know that it’s really stupid, but it kind of bothers me.

I started this project like many of you out there, to have a place to express my feelings and my creativity, to have an outlet, maybe to help someone in a similar situation. It was all hunky-dory. I wrote freely, cursed occasionally, and the words flew out like bees out of a broken hive.

Then I discovered this monster they call “stats”. Now I could actually get instant feedback on how my posts were being received. Uh oh. Just give me a pipe and sell me some meth. I wrote about my first encounters with the stats demon in “From Breast Cancer Blogger to Stats Whore”, where I undoubtedly lost some followers who were offended by the title.

Of course all of this is a product of my dysfunctional childhood longing to be loved in jest. I’m not really heartbroken or anything. It just makes you wonder. Did I write something that was so boring you couldn’t tolerate another post? Did you blindly follow me along with 1,000 others that day to see who would reciprocate? That last one doesn’t work very well with me. I actually read all of the material from people I follow, so I don’t follow everyone back who follows me. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Most likely, someone either liked one of my photographs or poems and then got tired of hearing about breast cancer, or vice versa. I realized a while back that I may have to split my blog in two. I find myself trying to please two completely different audiences, and I have begun censoring what I write as a result. And that kind of defeats the purpose of having a blog in the first place.

I’m so scatter-brained Piscean, I scare myself sometimes. My mind has always been this way. I think horizontally, and my blog reflects that. I have many different interests, and even I never know which will take precedence on any given day. I’m sure this confuses my poor readers at times. I know this because sometimes in conversation I have to stop mid-sentence and explain to people how I arrived at the thought I’m sharing, which to them seems completely random and irrelevant, but to me makes perfect sense if you’re inside my head.

So what do you think? Do you feel like my blog would be more effective if I split it into two…one strictly about breast cancer and daily life, and another for my more creative side (photos, writing, poems)? You can be honest….just don’t unfollow me.

21 thoughts on “If You Unfollow Me…I’ll Unfollow You

  1. I love you, and your blog, just the way you are! I say keep things the way they are and just be yourself. If they don’t follow, who cares? I know personally, I sometimes worry what others may think of my content, and then I remind myself that I mostly write for ME. That others would get anything out of it is the icing on the cake. I will admit to looking at the stats on a regular basis, however. 🙂 And likewise, I do not automatically follow those who follow me. To your point, I can barely keep up with the handful that I follow now.

  2. I’m following a lot of cancer bloggers, and I really enjoy learning about parts of their lives that aren’t cancer. So I’d vote for keeping just one blog. (And I love your “From Breast Cancer Blogger to Stats Whore” post. )

  3. My understanding is that the WordPress staff occasionally flushes out users who aren’t following the rules. When they’re axed, you lose followers. (A lot of these follow every blog they see willy-nilly.)

    When people delete their WordPress account, you lose followers if they followed your blog.

    As your follower count rises, these losses become increasingly visible but they remain insignificant.

  4. Love it! I struggle with the question of whether to have separate blogs under different names for the different parts of my life…in the end I only find time to write when I feel moved to do so and since this is my place to write, I write about whatever takes my fancy, be it breast cancer, photo challenge, friends & family, life, the occasional scientific piece. Together this makes up who I am as a whole person and it’s nice to have that in the one place. So I vote no, don’t split your blog. FYI your original stats piece is still one of the best posts I’ve read 🙂

  5. Writing my blog is really for me … People either like what I write or they do not but i can only be me… Yes i too notice the odd loss of a follower so i think well they did not like it or not interested!!!! I to read all the blogs i follow so i try to choose what really interests me …. I actually think it is good to mix your blog up with different topics because that is life 😃😃😃😃

  6. Lisa, I felt the same way about writing for my readers and I found that I was writing less because I kept hitting a creative wall trying to please others. A friend told me that my best work is the writing I do from the heart without worrying about who is reading it. Sooo I stopped writing for my readers although it is a struggle sometimes not to wonder who ‘likes’ it or not. I guess that is my ego talking. I love all you post whether it is writing, photos etc. I rarely look at my stats anymore although I love reading comments.
    I say, WRITE ON!!

  7. Wait, this is a Pisces thing? If so, then it’s the thing I don’t like about being a Pisces! I don’t look at stats. I have had someone personally email me to ask to be unsubscribed (i assume they didn’t know how to do it the easier way), and I obsessed all day about WHY. Ugh. I’d love for my blog to be the essence of me all the time, but sometimes it’s hard not to turn off the Who I Think Is Reading Filter. And some days I even think about starting over so I can fully be me, but then I’d probably end up right where I am again. So I keep going. I guess being ourselves is a work in progress?? 🙂

    • I can’t believe someone wrote to you to unsubscribe! That’s harsh. I’ve thought about starting a new blog under a different name also, but you’re right, we’d probably be right back to our people-pleasing ways in no time:)

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