The Butterfly Effect

2014-06-07 09.58.02

This little fellow has been visiting my flower boxes on the porch for the past few days and was kind enough to pose for a close-up. It’s the strangest thing, but I seem to be having almost surreal encounters with butterflies these days.

Take last week, for instance. I went out for a jog on the path behind my house, which backs up to a nature preserve. As I was running along a straight section, under a canopy of trees, a butterfly appeared beside me. I didn’t think much of it, but he continued along the path, staying right next to me. Occasionally, he would fly ahead and I would think that was the end of it. But then he would make a big circle and come back to me, keeping me company.

This went on for at least a quarter of a mile, until he finally tired of the game and moved along. For a brief moment, he was a companion, almost like a faithful dog. I’ve never seen a butterfly behave that way before. I felt protected in a sense, like I had a guardian angel.

I’m not usually one to go in for mystical, crystal-healing karma trips, but I’ve had the thought several times that my son has been reincarnated as a butterfly. I can’t explain why or back this up with anything logical, of course, but I just get a feeling when these things happen that he’s trying to let me know he is still with me and that he’s checking in.


7 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. My heart soared reading about your run with the butterfly! I so believe that your son’s spirit is with you. Always. When you get those “feelings” they are messages. Embrace them. I talk to my mom’s spirit all the time and feel comforted when I hear her favorite bird chirping in the spring. They are always with us… Guiding us… Loving us… It’s a beautiful thing. xoxo

  2. Oh my. I love this. After my mother died, I saw deer. I saw deer as she was dying. At times that I had asked for a sign that there was some sanity amidst the madness of the time. I think spirits take many forms–and it’s perfectly sane to think your son was with you. And joyful, from the sound of it:).

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