Priceless Kids’ Reactions to The Best Gift of All

During this time of crass commercialism, we so often forget the meaning of the season. Does your husband really need another wallet? Does your child need another electronic gadget to keep him isolated from the rest of the family? Sometimes, the best gifts are those that require no fancy paper or ribbons, only love and a little bit of luck. I hope you enjoy this short video as much as I did. Be sure to keep the tissues handy.



4 thoughts on “Priceless Kids’ Reactions to The Best Gift of All

  1. Heya

    I have a lot to say to you (and BTW, I have never known your name which is why I write ‘hi’ – that’s OK, I just didn’t want you to think me rude).

    My message begins with an apology – over the last few months, since I finished my treatment, I have tried to write my own blog (and to you) but I just didn’t know how to – everything I wrote seemed trite and insincere. Maybe something to do with my mood…

    I am so happy that you have got through your treatment and are back on the path to being ‘normal’ whatever that may mean. It is slightly weird. I have been trying very hard to be ‘normal’ and personally have ended up having a few fights with people who are close to me. I think this is because both I and whichever person I’ve had issues with have had to readjust our relationship again – have you experienced this? Maybe it’s my own way of coming to terms with the last months in a weird and horrible way – I don’t know!.

    Anyway, I am writing to you like I would write in my blog and this is not fair on you, so I am sorry but at I am not brave enough at the moment to write my blog so I hope you can accept this long response to you!

    What I wanted to say was how sorry I am for your loss – I had not realised that before. Although, I’m not sure I should have. We got to know each other because of what we were both going through and that seemed right. But, I am so much more enamoured and (I know this might sound weird having never met, but) proud of you, for having to deal with the illness we just went through after such a trauma (I am absolutely sure that’s not the best word – you know me, I like a bracket!).

    From across the pond and having only met you on wordpress, you are an amazing woman and, at times, have kept me going through this. Your really are an inspiration and I would love to keep in touch.

    Well done for everything and I hope you can reflect and enjoy the holiday period.

    My love


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