Adventures Of The Bald And The Breastless, Part 1


As promised, today I am bringing you a photo pictorial of my weekend trip to downtown Asheville with the girls. Many pet names have been bestowed upon Asheville by the local residents; “Freakville” and “Ashvegas” come to mind. Many people sport the bumper sticker “Keep Asheville Weird”. We take pride in the fact that we live in a city where you can eat lunch flanked by a lawyer in a business suit on one side and a stoned Reiki master Gypsy named “Flower” on the on the other. And all the magic happens while you are being served by a dreadlock-laden philosophy student who only wears shoes to work.

Enjoy. I promise you’ll want to visit soon. Sure you can sleep on my couch:)

We ran across this jazz ensemble playing ragtime for money on the street. They were trying to make a name for themselves, and they were awesome.

Don’t worry, I have more for you next time! This was only two streets worth of fabulous sights.


4 thoughts on “Adventures Of The Bald And The Breastless, Part 1

  1. We lived in North Carolina (Durham) for nearly 3 years and have fond memories of our visit to Asheville. Loved it! We also loved the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian mountains. We hired a house up in the mountains behind Asheville one summer….was fabulous and the first and last time I’ve ever seen fireflies. I was pregnant with our middle son when we returned to Australia from the US, and his middle name is Boone…named after the various times we based ourselves in Boone to explore the Parkway. We like places that are “different” 🙂

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