Cancer Breakthrough: Probiotics May Save Your Life


This is a fascinating read for those of us who are using supplements in conjunction with standard therapy. The Natural News website is a great source for alternative health information. Load up on your probiotics, then get out there and have some fun! If you have questions about supplements in general, including probiotics, see part one and part two of my series about this issue.

via Cancer breakthrough: Probiotics may save patients from deadly chemotherapy; antibiotics may cause chemo to be fatal.

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3 thoughts on “Cancer Breakthrough: Probiotics May Save Your Life

  1. This is an interesting idea. I asked my oncologist about probiotics during chemotherapy/radiation. I had both treatments simultaneously. She told me not to take probiotics–other than in yogurt or kefir–because they are bacteria. Some of the bacteria could be “strange” to my immunological system at a time when it was suppressed. She did not want me to have an infection. So I waited until a couple of weeks after the end of treatment, then started the probiotics. My county hospital did not offer much, if any, alternative care or advice. I have no idea of whether I received the best advice on this, but decided to take my doctor’s advice.

    • It infuriates me that doctors refuse not only to learn about natural treatments, but that they categorically dismiss them in their ignorance. Probiotics are “bacteria”, but they are beneficial bacteria that are normally found in the gut of healthy people. When you are receiving chemotherapy, you are poisoning these bacteria that contribute to your immune health. It only makes sense to replenish them as quickly as possible. I completely understand your fear of going against your doctor’s advice, and this is a big part of why I decided to blog and highlight alternative treatments. People may choose not to use them, but at least they will have the information to be able to decide. I’m very glad that you take probiotics now.

      • Thanks for posting n the subject. When I was going through my treatment I was new to blogging and did not easily find a discussion of this topic but am a supporter of alternative treatment. I appreciate the new information.   

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