My Top Ten Favorite Things About Breast Cancer



10. I now have that Brazilian bikini wax I’ve always wanted…and no pain!

9. I’m saving a ton of money on haircuts and highlights.

8. I weigh 3 pounds less every morning post-mastectomy.

7. I work at the hospital, so I get my pick of chemo chairs!

6. I get to try all kinds of new drugs…and it’s legal.

5. No boobs, no hair = super aerodynamic runner

4. Having foam boobs means I can take them out any time they irritate me. Hey, I’ve kind of gotten used to that. There’s a lady at the oncologist’s office who has fake boobs with adhesive on the back. She likes to stick them on the wall in her chemo room to shock the nurses when they walk in. Now that lady knows funny!

3. Not only do I get a fabulous new pair of perky C’s when this is over, but come to find out they might throw in a tummy tuck as part of the surgery! It would have taken years to save for all that.

2. I won’t have to buy a Halloween costume this year; I’ll just take off my hat and go as Mrs. Clean.

1. I get to laugh and share this experience with all you fine people, some of whom I might never have known otherwise:)

And a really awkward segue, I’m going to present you with my second healthy and easy meal of the week:spaghetti with bison 


Yes, I do love pasta! I used whole wheat spaghetti, but I have used rice noodles and they are good if you’re going wheat-free. I buy an organic portabella cabernet sauce and add some fresh herbs from the garden. You can certainly make your own sauce if you have time. I’m lucky to have local bison available at the grocery store. If you prefer a meatless sauce, bulk it up with some extra vegetables. They take on the flavor of the sauce. Add a salad and you’re done!

5 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favorite Things About Breast Cancer

    • Bison is actually really good! And this girl does not do wild animal taste. My husband hunts, and let’s just say the same 54 pounds of venison have been hogging my freezer space for two years. Hate it! Bison is just like better hamburger, and it’s better for you.

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