I Got Some Tail At Work Yesterday…

Made you wonder, didn’t I? For the record, I’m at the onologist’s office doing AC treatment #3 today. I actually started getting a little queasy leaving home this time. The mind is very powerful and it doesn’t want to be here! It wants to be on a tropical island in a hammock with an umbrella drink and a warm breeze and perhaps a cabana boy.

But I digress. On to our story. I have a friend at work who sports a very short gray hairdo. Nothing unusual there. But…she keeps a thin dark rat tail at the nape of her neck that refuses to gray. It’s as if that tail wants to hold on to the fabulous adventures of her youth for as long as possible. Now this woman is extremely fond of her tail. She tells everyone that she’s had it forever and it brings her luck. No way is she ever cutting it. Sometimes her partner will approach her with a pair of scissors just to get a rise out of her along with a few choice words.

Well, yesterday I walked into my office and there was an eyeglass  case on my desk along with a typed poem which read:

” A gift to you of magical hair. Wence cometh the power we know not where. It chooses its time to present the sublime. Its main thrust is infinite care.”

I opened the case with curiosity to find a small snip of dark hair tied with a white ribbon. I knew immediately ‘from wence it came’ and tears sprang to my eyes. My friend had sacrificed her precious rat tail in an effort to bring me some kind of magic healing or luck or something. Few gifts have ever touched me as deeply.

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