The Cancer Card Beats A Full House

So I’ve noticed a definite unexpected benefit to this whole cancer thing. I like to call it the cancer card. You know, I basically get a free pass on all sorts of things for the duration of treatment because people are having all these mixed emotions when they look at me. There’s the “Oh, you poor thing. Let me do some of your work” and the “Holy shit I’m glad it’s her and not me. Can I bring some food over?” and my personal favorite, “I know I’ve never really said two words to you before but let me bring you some pot to help with chemo.” Um, ok.

Today I showed up for work with my head scarf on for the first time. It was awkwardly tied in my morning haste and looked like a cross between a pirate and a Bedouin shepherd. Well, it must have looked pitiful because people crawled out of every recess to touch me and compliment my new style, all while doing my work. I turned to my friend and made a comment about this new cancer card thing. She said, “Oh, that’s not new. I have to use the card sometimes, the black card. You know, ‘Why are you saying that…because I’m black???'” Hmm. I think I need to get some dessert and watch some YouTube videos on scarf-tying, or maybe not.

4 thoughts on “The Cancer Card Beats A Full House

  1. I’ve been using the cancer card for months. Lol. Something about us… Based on a few minutes of skimming your posts. Formerly blonde manes, check. Half marathon completed in 2012 check. Big goals for this year (marathons and half ironman triathlon) check. Caring for preschooler check. Pisceans, check. Left breast cancer tumours check. Smart arse attitudes. Check. I will read your whole story when I get a chance. Hope you are travelling well in chemo. Lisey x

    • Lisey, I felt such a kinship with you when I was reading your posts today. We do have an awful lot in common. I also have a brother whom I adore. We have our own brand of humor that completely and utterly amuses us but sometimes leaves others scratching their heads. I hope that your journey is going well and that you are well on the road to running marathons again.

      • Someday soon for us. Another month of chemo for me, then another mastectomy, then radio so should be finished late October. Hoping to do a half marathon and a half ironman triathlon later next year. Or at least that’s the light I have at the end of this long dark tunnel called 2013.

      • I think that October sounds about right for my grand finale as well, then hopefully a fantastic new rack from Santa! I’m looking forward to not having my chest look like lemons in tube socks:) xo

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