Going,going…...So I’m shedding like a catahoula leopard hound in summer. I’m trying in vain to hold on to the stringy remnants of my once long, flowing blonde hair, which took years to grow I might add. My second AC chemo treatment was last Thursday, and, as promised, the countdown begins in earnest to shave day. I’m just not ready yet, even though I’ve known for some time that this was coming. I guess I was hoping that I’d be the one who stunned them all for my ability to maintain beautiful hair despite their poisons! Guess I’m a mere mortal after all…with an awkwardly large part. At least I live in the urban hipster funk capital of the world, so I did go out yesterday and snag some cool hats and scarves for the inevitable follicular demise. Ahh Asheville! Where else can you walk downtown and see a man juggling a skewer, a basketball and a 4 pound ball of chain across the street from a hippie purveying coconut juice in the shell? I love this place.


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