Just Hangin’ With The Red Devil/Round#2

The adriamycin (affectionately known as the “red devil”) is dripping as we speak. I’m at the oncologist’s office for my second chemo session of 8. I get Emend first, which is the anti-nausea drug and makes me a little sleepy. This is followed by steroids to prevent allergic reactions, which hops me up. I feel kind of like a career drug addict..I need downers..no! too much! I need uppers! Then comes the poisonous red kool-aid. Yay! Just the sight of it now makes me a little queasy. I keep expecting an emaciated cancer-stricken koolaid man to bust through the wall..and then collapse. Finally, we have the cytoxan. That just sounds like fun, doesn’t it? They told me on round one to be sure to drink lots of water to get this out of my kidneys and bladder as soon as possible to prevent damage. That’s gotta be a good sign! So..We drip for about 21/2 hours and then we wait to see how things unfold on “As The Stomach Turns”. After the first round I got a little nauseous around dinner time and this continued for about two days. And I just felt really tired. I even napped, which is soooo not me.  But it was actually kind of ok. I’m hoping this round won’t be worse, but I’ll keep you posted. Keep your eyes out for Kool-Aid man!


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